Intuition, Motion, Seamlessness.

Yiteng Jun is a front-end developer (digital designer) based in Tokyo, passionately devoted to pursuing the elegant simplicity of functionality, digital-specific interactions, animations, and graphics.



Valuing the pursuit of new possibilities in digital design, I prioritize creating fresh value without being bound by conventional perspectives.


Intuition, responsiveness, and fluidity. I prioritize users' intuition and construct digital experiences that align with human senses.





(*Currently not accepting any project requests at the moment.)

say hisay hi

A myriad of colors.

I have released a new portfolio that embodies simplicity, aesthetic functionality, and a consistent user experience throughout the entire website. It utilizes WebGL and is built with Nuxt3.

  • A myriad of colors.May 27, 2023


v1.0.0 (Wucai)

五彩 [wú cǎi]

five (main) colors (white, black, red, yellow, and blue); multicolored

(We are)

not before an image

“We are not before an image; rather, just as the images surround us, we are surrounded by the images. The issue lies in how to maneuver among these images and how to make them move around us.”